hey friday hey

so i'm going to be honest and to the point here.i started this post one two three times.
wanted to write a thoughtful post. didn't happen.
wanted to write a funny post. (realizing i'm not that funny). didn't happen.
so what did i do when i seem to not be able to write a darn thing? i found some retro mtv and watched spencer brainwash heidi to the dark side.

but, all brainwashing aside, i ended up stumbling on this little blog and decided to link on up with her by sharing with you (just a few - i could will get carried away here) my friday letters.

dear fourth of july, you came and went too quickly. i didn't have enough time to indulge in enough s'mores or patriotic attire.

dear abc family, thank you for deciding to play a three-day harry potter-palooza this weekend. convenient for 100+ degree weather? i think so. i will be enjoying the sunshine via my air conditioned living room.

dear chris from the bachelorette, please do not be the type of man who gets all nuts on the "after the rose" special. i do not want to see you get all beside yourself. i do not want to see you curse. and i do not want to see you crumble in to tears. please and thank you.

dear best friend e and best friend j, thank you for making me feel a little less crazy in the head. for calling me and talking to me for long periods of time and usually about nothing all that important. and for listening. and probably a million other things, but mainly, just being crazy right along with me.

dear dune fries and blue moons, please accompany my sister and i in a week and a half for a girls night at the beach. your attendance is required. be hot, steamy, and ooey gooey, and i mean it!

dear "where the wild things are", i am sorry that i have never read you nor do i own a copy of you. seeing as i have been given quite the hard time for not being acquainted with your wonderfulness (and told it will greatly hinder my teaching abilities) i intend to pick you up in the very near future. sorry for the lack of attention for the last twenty-some years.

dear God, thank you.


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  1. I love your Friday's letters! The bachelorette is my guilty pleasure, and I definitely look forward to it every Monday! And I can never believe how quickly summer passes. You say you're a teacher. Me too! What do you teach? Somehow summer slips through my fingers without me realizing it.