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So as I wondered around the blogging world, I checked out one of my favorite blogs, The Rockstar Diaries (which you totally need to go check out now!) and this video was posted in a recent blog.  Seeing as this little girl is on to something pretty great, I had to repost and share.

happy friday!



1.  Trying for a good hour and a half to figure out how to make a nifty little button for my blog so I can spread the word about my little space of web and invite friends to read my blog and post my little'ol button to their blog so we can be bloggy friends.  Not only did it take me that terribly long, but I had to phone a friend for help.
Yeah.  But, (side note) steal my button from over there and leave a comment to your blog so we can become friends (:
2.  Listening to the radio for so long that when I finally change back to listening to CD's the one that is currently loaded in my car is Michael Buble's Christmas album.  And I listen to it. And belt out every single word to every single songAnd it's March.
3.  Walking in to the nail salon and seemingly nice manicure man asking me what we want done.  I tell him I want a manicure, color in hand, and ask if I can have glitter on these nails.  Not so nice manicure man explains that I CANNOT have glitter on just "dat nail" that I must have it on all and it is $25.  $12 for normal color.  Take a guess what I chose. 
Manicure Personnel-1, M-0.
4.  When the nice lady doing my nails tells me that I have small nails. Proceeds to tell me that they are like little girls' nails.  And hard to paint.  Manicure Personnel-2, M-0.
5.  Running late for my dentist appointment and calling the office to tell them that I would be a few twenty minutes late.  Which for me, thinking that my appointment is at 2:30, that realistically I'll get there in ten minutes and everything will be fine.  Until the very nice lady from the dentist's office tells me that my appointment was at 2:00 (time on clock now reads 2:15) and that we have to reschedule, again.
6.  This version of Little Bunny Foo-foo

1.  Dates with friends to get mani's and catch up and do all things girly.  Might I mention that this being said, my nails are now officially ready for spring.
And really, friend since middle school - you are awesome all on your own because these days, friends like you are hard to come by.
2.  Dinner dates with your momma and aunt who tell thee most hilarious stories I have ever heard, even in public, and laughing until I have to get up and use the restroom twice. And sitting there until, oh well, probably eight o'clock, even though we sat down at...um, 5ish.
3.  That one cold day we had this week where I had to pull out my fleece blanket and heavy socks but could read my book by the fire and see not a cloud floating in the sky.
4.  Weasley my dog. My french bulldog. Which I do not own. Yet.
(Can a girl dream?)


you're making me blush

I am a freak when it comes to routine.  If it isn't planned, schedules, on a to-do list, or part of my daily routine in some way or another, I tend to well...freak.  I wouldn't go as far to say that I have an emotional break down and sit in a corner hugging my knees and whispering quietly to myself, but I am someone who likes order.  Seeing as my life has none of that right now, I decided when I started this blog that it would be my little bit of routine to carry me through this "winging it" kind of lifestyle I have to conform struggle to deal with.

Seeing that this is the case, I decided that I am going to attempt to make my Wednesday posts be purely about what I am loving and lusting (and probably very rarely owning) in the fashion world.  Let this be a warning:  I am not an expert.  I simply like what I like and would love to share this on my little bit of blog in this huge blogging universe.  So here goes nothing!

Kohl's Simply Vera Vera Wang Platform Wedge

These little beauties have recently made their way in to my heart and closet.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I can be quite the awful shopping companion.  Seeing as I try to avoid the shoe section at all cost I wondered in to Kohl's looking for everything but these.  These beautiful little girls that, at $74.99 are a stretch for a day to day sub like me, conviently were reduced to a sale price I contemplated.  When I took in to consideration my 20% coupon (seriously, how smart is Kohl's for always having such sweet deals?), these babies had me at hello.  I usually rock flats in every color, pattern, and shape but these were a must.  The color is a little darker then the picture depicts and is perfect with a pair of pastel pants for a cool morning brunch or a flowy floral dress for an afternoon out.  I also am dreaming of cooler fall days where I pair them with patterned tights and bulky sweaters.  These little beauties just about made my week.


and that's how i feel about that

I am a stickler when it comes to seeing a movie after reading a book and vice versa.  I won't read a book if I love the movie, I won't see the movie if I love the book.  Until recently.  First there was this whole case of, oh, you know...Harry Potter.  Which if you have read my blog you might get the hint that I am obsessed with.  I saw the first movie as a class field trip in 6th grade and religiously saw via movie theater or DVD from that point on.  It was not until I saw the final installment that I decided, "hey bozo, READ THE BOOKS!"  And that I did like it was my job until December when I practically cried sobbed like a baby and said goodbye to my friends Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

Now, prior to this little, bending of ways, I was against  the idea 100% because there is always some sort of let down.  Not enough details.  Changing of details.  Leaving out huge monumental important events, and the list could go on.  I have attempted to try out my Harry Potter Theory (as we shall refer to it as) by viewing Something Borrowed and Eat, Pray, Love, both books I adore and was less than thrilled (despite the beaitful acting by all involved).  I am currently reading The Help and have The Hunger Games on the side lines but am questioning - shall I follow up with the movie?  Is Harry Potter the only exception of my otherwise flawless method?  (and even then, I am not saying it was a perfect portryal)

As I sit and watch my line-up of Monday shows (which this is a huge deal that I am even typing this) the preview for The Lucky One played and my jaw about dropped. First, Zac Efron - when did he become a hunk of man?  Second, ladies and gents I do believe we have another movie we shall test my Harry Potter theory on.  Consider my hopes high, and that's how I feel about that.
c/o IMDb

Go ahead, you know you want to click on that link.  Do it and find out more about the movie and watch that trailer!


on that note

Okay, in all seriousness not only do I love NBC's SMASH, but this remake of Florence & the Machine's Shake It Out by Katharine McPhee, well, perfection.
happy weekend.

the post in which i ramble

I cannot say that my mood has exactly resembled that of someone who is enjoying her life to the fullest at this very moment.  This does not make me proud  considering that in the great big'ol grande scheme of things I really am not as bad off as my gloomy mood has portrayed.  I do believe, every tiny once and awhile, it is okay to allow yourself to sulk and wallow -- this being one of those brief moments in the big'ol grande scheme of my 22 1/2 years.

Much to my dismay, the world has been doing its best to try and turn this self sulking mood of mine around.  Even though Spring lumbered in with a gloomy, foggy, not-so-springy attitude, it sure has done its best to be sunny, cheery, and a gleaming 70some degrees for the past few days.

I've been spending my days with 6 and 7 year olds, and who could frown when they monopolize your time?

I have rediscovered the love in which I have for my very truest of friends and that although having friends from here, there, and everywhere seems to be a trend for many, I prefer to be one of those people who has a few shiney pennies rather than a million smackaroos.

I cannot help but smile when my sister sends me pictures of my sweet niece first thing in the morning of her smileing face, her big blue-grey eyes, or her baby pudge that I will forever have saved in my phone even until she is old enough to complain about those "embarrassing baby pictures".

c/o my iPhone & precious baby niece



(Because, despite my soul being in the middle of a searching process right now, I couldn't miss a second A&A Thursday.)

1.  So little'ol me (which if I haven't mentioned I'm literally a squirt -- all five foot flat of me) is standing waiting to order at Subway and this probably very nice gentleman comes in and is waiting to order as well.  But he isn't just waiting to order.
He is standing looking at the menu with probably only a good little smidgen of distance away from breaking my personal space bubble.  But it doesn't end there.
Because the very nice gentleman went right ahead and burst.my.bubble (figuratively - the personal space one previously mentioned) and is now to the point of breathing down my neck so badly that I am probably catching his germs until the point that I am literally about to jump out of my skin.
2.  Driving along on the highway dreaming of not driving along on the highway and all the things that you could be doing at that point in time and so you begin counting down the mile markers, in a fake British accent, which comes to a climatic yell at the mile that you believe is your exit.
And it's not.
3.  Telling a story to somone that pertains to something that you know all about and getting about half way through and realizing that the person you are telling the story to knows nothing about said topic.  You continue anyway because the person gives you that awkward nod of encouragement to proceed and when you reach the end you're hysterical and they are...well...not.
4.  Walking in to your bedroom and there is a house-elf jumping up and...oh wait, that was Harry Potter, not me.
5.  Daylight savings.  Every day I still seem to find a clock that is an hour behind which temporarily throws me in to a mild panic attack.

1.  First graders. Pure innocent awesomeness. And not to mention they really know how to brighten a very gloomy week.  Like starting off your day with a hug from each and every one of their ever-lovin little selves, or bringing you a daffodil, freshly picked on the way to school.
2.  ABC Family for choosing the week that I need it most to play a Harry Potter marathon starting yesterday and lasting all the way until Sunday.
3.  Referring to previously mentioned first graders -- one of those little darlings looking uncanningly like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, and acting like her, and dressing like her...and you wanting to just hug girl because she has no idea how incredibly awesome she is.
4.  Dinner at Chili's with girlfriends, bright neon dresses and pants, and a fresh coat of paint on my toes to welcome in the first day that I didn't mind the warm weather.


dear sublime,

 Now that I have discovered your tasty goodness in all of its heavenly form of buttercream icing and delectable tiny cakes, I do believe we have formed a bond that can never be broken.  I do believe that it is a good thing that this relationship must be a long distance, 45 minute treck, or else my pants (and wallet) would suffer greatly.
 Oreo Cupcake (left) and Snickerdoodle Cupcake(right)
love always,
girl with the icing mustache

Go ahead, you know you want to...Sublime Cupcakes


and dino was his name-o!

c/o my iPhone

So lets just get right to it.  I pretty much have the mentality of a 5 and a 1/2 year old when it comes to about 95% of my life.  I love everything creative, crafty, adventurous, miraculous, dreamy, make-believe-ish, heroic, good guy vs. bad guy-esque...and I think you get the picture.  So for my anniversary with boyfriend he took me to the Franklin Institute to see their Dinosaur Exhibit and even though it was disappointingly smaller than what we had hoped for (granted I had in my mind that I would be walking through a museum sized Dinosaur - and this is a traveling exhibit people), it didn't lack in any way and provided us with more information then our pretty eyes could handle!  I pretty much obsessed over each and every one of those giant boney guys from the time I first saw the word "Jurassic" and didn't stop to blink (or take pictures, barely) until I had that nice little Dr.Seuss book in my purse and was on my way out the door.  This really actually frustrates me seeing as I am usually focused more on pictures and capturing moments then I am enjoying the moments as they happen, but I guess (just this once) it is okay.  Needless to say, the idea spurred for my love of those scaley extinct guys and the unit I taught during my time-span of student teaching...fresh ideas and unbelievably hard to pronounce dino names for next time I conquer that unit? Check!

Check out the Franklin Institute or plan a trip before April 15th to see my pals, the Dinos!

springing forward

a little Spring-spiration with Glamour (March and April issues), InStyle (March), and my new book choice of the week

I have been very reluctent to welcome these unseasonal temperatures we have been having all winter with open arms until this past weekend.  Although I cannot dream of packing away my cable knits and thermal socks, along with all those marvelous boots that I feel, didn't get their fair share of action this past winter, I found myself (slowly) becoming interested in Spring.

I picked up this sweater over the weekend in the lively oatmeal/heather color for a discounted price of only $16!  Seeing as I can be a terribly picky shopper (and often have difficulty making decisions) I was unsure of picking up a sweater, seeing as even the winter has been seemingly un-sweaterish.  The light color and 3/4 length sleeve (and not to mention the unbelievably good price) tempted me too much and I caved.  I am already dreaming of all of the combinations throughout the seasons I can throw this on with, noteably a par of white jeans and sweet wedges for a brisk Spring morning or late night adventure on the boardwalk.



found on Pinterest, c/o here

1.  Fog.  I have never been a fan of fog.  It's misty rainy concocture that looms over the mornings is never a great way to start a day and when it lingers in to the late morning hours it downright turns most of us who venture out into little old lady drivers.
2.  Seeing a student in the third grade class that I am substituting in pick up Harry Potter (all 600 some pages of it) and read it during every second of free time the child had.  This may not seem awkward, except for the fact that all I wanted to do was sit and discuss the book with the kid...yeah, awkward.
3.  Taking my phone everywhere.  Now, when I say everywhere I mean everywhere.  Go to the bathroom, check.  Take a shower, check.  Making dinner, check.  Going to bed, check.  Seeing as I never want to miss a call incase it is to sub, I have now entered a brand new level of my relationship with my cell.  Truth:  I'm married to it.
4.  Trying on bathing suits.  To be completely real for about two seconds, no one enjoys this, ever

1.  A day off (or in my case, a day when everyone else decides to be healthy, leaving you jobless) which forces you to do absolutely nothing but curl up and watch the 6 hour marathon of your favorite show.  Hey, we all have done it, and quite honestly, I am guilt free in indulging (:
2. My brand new purse which will hopefully make an apperance in the very near future.  And on that note, whoever it was who developed the very first TJMaxx, making it possible for me to own this beautiful little addition.
3.  Harry Potter.  Seeing as my generation is known as the "Potter Generation", I joined the group of Potter-heads in a somewhat delayed, reverse order.  I saw all the movies (my first exposure being a field trip in 6th grade to the first movie which is pure awesome-ness at its finest) as soon as they arrived in theater (or DVD) and could barely contain myself to holdout a second longer to see the final installment of the series this past summer.  But it was only after seeing all 8 films that I decided to approach the books.  Being someone who tends to not be a fan of "read and compare", I hesitated, but I soon was sucked into a wicked habit of finishing a book in a weekend and following it up by viewing the partnered film and comparing.  Awesomely enough, I love Harry Potter, awkwardly enough I am having difficulty falling in love with any other book and/or series.  And I truly believe that I would have never appreciated the books at the ripe old age of 12 as I do now. 

Have a wonderfully awkward/awesome first day of March!