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1.  Fog.  I have never been a fan of fog.  It's misty rainy concocture that looms over the mornings is never a great way to start a day and when it lingers in to the late morning hours it downright turns most of us who venture out into little old lady drivers.
2.  Seeing a student in the third grade class that I am substituting in pick up Harry Potter (all 600 some pages of it) and read it during every second of free time the child had.  This may not seem awkward, except for the fact that all I wanted to do was sit and discuss the book with the kid...yeah, awkward.
3.  Taking my phone everywhere.  Now, when I say everywhere I mean everywhere.  Go to the bathroom, check.  Take a shower, check.  Making dinner, check.  Going to bed, check.  Seeing as I never want to miss a call incase it is to sub, I have now entered a brand new level of my relationship with my cell.  Truth:  I'm married to it.
4.  Trying on bathing suits.  To be completely real for about two seconds, no one enjoys this, ever

1.  A day off (or in my case, a day when everyone else decides to be healthy, leaving you jobless) which forces you to do absolutely nothing but curl up and watch the 6 hour marathon of your favorite show.  Hey, we all have done it, and quite honestly, I am guilt free in indulging (:
2. My brand new purse which will hopefully make an apperance in the very near future.  And on that note, whoever it was who developed the very first TJMaxx, making it possible for me to own this beautiful little addition.
3.  Harry Potter.  Seeing as my generation is known as the "Potter Generation", I joined the group of Potter-heads in a somewhat delayed, reverse order.  I saw all the movies (my first exposure being a field trip in 6th grade to the first movie which is pure awesome-ness at its finest) as soon as they arrived in theater (or DVD) and could barely contain myself to holdout a second longer to see the final installment of the series this past summer.  But it was only after seeing all 8 films that I decided to approach the books.  Being someone who tends to not be a fan of "read and compare", I hesitated, but I soon was sucked into a wicked habit of finishing a book in a weekend and following it up by viewing the partnered film and comparing.  Awesomely enough, I love Harry Potter, awkwardly enough I am having difficulty falling in love with any other book and/or series.  And I truly believe that I would have never appreciated the books at the ripe old age of 12 as I do now. 

Have a wonderfully awkward/awesome first day of March!

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