leaping in the rain

Happy Leap Day one and all and what a down right crummy little rainy day it had to be.  Although the weather seemed to not want to cooperate with the special occasion that only comes around every four years, I did not allow that to stop me.  I spent this day leaping through puddles (not really) and leaping between rain drops (really) in and out of some places, doing some wednesday-esque errands.  I lept in to my absolute favorite cafe for a bite to eat with two of my favorite women: momma dearest and auntie J.  There is nothing more theraputic then a gab-sesh over an unbelieveably delicious lunch (which was fully intended to be caught via picture, but lets face it - I was hungry!) and chai tea.  The entire atmosphere motivated me to complete the very last task on my list of things to do: create a gift tag for a baby shower gift (just a little added touch to personalize the present for mommy-to-be, and honestly - who doesn't love little baby animals?)

Collect all necessary materials.  I chose pastels in pink, green, and blue to match the gift bag, some sweet baby animals c/o Michael's (and my personal stash of scrapbooking materials) and baby pink ribbon (for a baby girl of course!)

After much deliberation as to how you might attempt this, choose some crafty scrapbooking scissors in the same pattern (varying sizes) to cut the paper.  I choose to always cut the same color with the same scissors.

After cutting the white cardstock for the base of the card, cut the chosen color for the background (color 1) and adhere this to the cardstock.  I chose to use glue squares, they stick the best and are easy to apply.  Next add the second color of choice in the place in opposing corners.  Cute baby elephant will find his way to the bottom corner.
*Not seen here:  I chose 3 silver stars to place in the top left corner of the card and punched the hole in the top right with your standard hole punch.

For privacy - I have blurred the names, but that is part 1 of your final step!  Make sure to (neatly) write out who the gift is to (and from!) in the center of the card and slide the baby pink ribbon through the punched hole, attached firmly with a double knot and bow!

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