and dino was his name-o!

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So lets just get right to it.  I pretty much have the mentality of a 5 and a 1/2 year old when it comes to about 95% of my life.  I love everything creative, crafty, adventurous, miraculous, dreamy, make-believe-ish, heroic, good guy vs. bad guy-esque...and I think you get the picture.  So for my anniversary with boyfriend he took me to the Franklin Institute to see their Dinosaur Exhibit and even though it was disappointingly smaller than what we had hoped for (granted I had in my mind that I would be walking through a museum sized Dinosaur - and this is a traveling exhibit people), it didn't lack in any way and provided us with more information then our pretty eyes could handle!  I pretty much obsessed over each and every one of those giant boney guys from the time I first saw the word "Jurassic" and didn't stop to blink (or take pictures, barely) until I had that nice little Dr.Seuss book in my purse and was on my way out the door.  This really actually frustrates me seeing as I am usually focused more on pictures and capturing moments then I am enjoying the moments as they happen, but I guess (just this once) it is okay.  Needless to say, the idea spurred for my love of those scaley extinct guys and the unit I taught during my time-span of student teaching...fresh ideas and unbelievably hard to pronounce dino names for next time I conquer that unit? Check!

Check out the Franklin Institute or plan a trip before April 15th to see my pals, the Dinos!

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