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I am a freak when it comes to routine.  If it isn't planned, schedules, on a to-do list, or part of my daily routine in some way or another, I tend to well...freak.  I wouldn't go as far to say that I have an emotional break down and sit in a corner hugging my knees and whispering quietly to myself, but I am someone who likes order.  Seeing as my life has none of that right now, I decided when I started this blog that it would be my little bit of routine to carry me through this "winging it" kind of lifestyle I have to conform struggle to deal with.

Seeing that this is the case, I decided that I am going to attempt to make my Wednesday posts be purely about what I am loving and lusting (and probably very rarely owning) in the fashion world.  Let this be a warning:  I am not an expert.  I simply like what I like and would love to share this on my little bit of blog in this huge blogging universe.  So here goes nothing!

Kohl's Simply Vera Vera Wang Platform Wedge

These little beauties have recently made their way in to my heart and closet.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I can be quite the awful shopping companion.  Seeing as I try to avoid the shoe section at all cost I wondered in to Kohl's looking for everything but these.  These beautiful little girls that, at $74.99 are a stretch for a day to day sub like me, conviently were reduced to a sale price I contemplated.  When I took in to consideration my 20% coupon (seriously, how smart is Kohl's for always having such sweet deals?), these babies had me at hello.  I usually rock flats in every color, pattern, and shape but these were a must.  The color is a little darker then the picture depicts and is perfect with a pair of pastel pants for a cool morning brunch or a flowy floral dress for an afternoon out.  I also am dreaming of cooler fall days where I pair them with patterned tights and bulky sweaters.  These little beauties just about made my week.

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