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I am a stickler when it comes to seeing a movie after reading a book and vice versa.  I won't read a book if I love the movie, I won't see the movie if I love the book.  Until recently.  First there was this whole case of, oh, you know...Harry Potter.  Which if you have read my blog you might get the hint that I am obsessed with.  I saw the first movie as a class field trip in 6th grade and religiously saw via movie theater or DVD from that point on.  It was not until I saw the final installment that I decided, "hey bozo, READ THE BOOKS!"  And that I did like it was my job until December when I practically cried sobbed like a baby and said goodbye to my friends Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

Now, prior to this little, bending of ways, I was against  the idea 100% because there is always some sort of let down.  Not enough details.  Changing of details.  Leaving out huge monumental important events, and the list could go on.  I have attempted to try out my Harry Potter Theory (as we shall refer to it as) by viewing Something Borrowed and Eat, Pray, Love, both books I adore and was less than thrilled (despite the beaitful acting by all involved).  I am currently reading The Help and have The Hunger Games on the side lines but am questioning - shall I follow up with the movie?  Is Harry Potter the only exception of my otherwise flawless method?  (and even then, I am not saying it was a perfect portryal)

As I sit and watch my line-up of Monday shows (which this is a huge deal that I am even typing this) the preview for The Lucky One played and my jaw about dropped. First, Zac Efron - when did he become a hunk of man?  Second, ladies and gents I do believe we have another movie we shall test my Harry Potter theory on.  Consider my hopes high, and that's how I feel about that.
c/o IMDb

Go ahead, you know you want to click on that link.  Do it and find out more about the movie and watch that trailer!

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