(Because, despite my soul being in the middle of a searching process right now, I couldn't miss a second A&A Thursday.)

1.  So little'ol me (which if I haven't mentioned I'm literally a squirt -- all five foot flat of me) is standing waiting to order at Subway and this probably very nice gentleman comes in and is waiting to order as well.  But he isn't just waiting to order.
He is standing looking at the menu with probably only a good little smidgen of distance away from breaking my personal space bubble.  But it doesn't end there.
Because the very nice gentleman went right ahead and burst.my.bubble (figuratively - the personal space one previously mentioned) and is now to the point of breathing down my neck so badly that I am probably catching his germs until the point that I am literally about to jump out of my skin.
2.  Driving along on the highway dreaming of not driving along on the highway and all the things that you could be doing at that point in time and so you begin counting down the mile markers, in a fake British accent, which comes to a climatic yell at the mile that you believe is your exit.
And it's not.
3.  Telling a story to somone that pertains to something that you know all about and getting about half way through and realizing that the person you are telling the story to knows nothing about said topic.  You continue anyway because the person gives you that awkward nod of encouragement to proceed and when you reach the end you're hysterical and they are...well...not.
4.  Walking in to your bedroom and there is a house-elf jumping up and...oh wait, that was Harry Potter, not me.
5.  Daylight savings.  Every day I still seem to find a clock that is an hour behind which temporarily throws me in to a mild panic attack.

1.  First graders. Pure innocent awesomeness. And not to mention they really know how to brighten a very gloomy week.  Like starting off your day with a hug from each and every one of their ever-lovin little selves, or bringing you a daffodil, freshly picked on the way to school.
2.  ABC Family for choosing the week that I need it most to play a Harry Potter marathon starting yesterday and lasting all the way until Sunday.
3.  Referring to previously mentioned first graders -- one of those little darlings looking uncanningly like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, and acting like her, and dressing like her...and you wanting to just hug girl because she has no idea how incredibly awesome she is.
4.  Dinner at Chili's with girlfriends, bright neon dresses and pants, and a fresh coat of paint on my toes to welcome in the first day that I didn't mind the warm weather.

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