for starters...things have been a little more awkward than usual...

ever been teaching (for probably more than half of you who are reading this you never wanted to step back in a classroom the day you graduated that last tier of education you decided to conquer) in a classroom and all the kids are bigger then you? nope? i have. ever had one of these precious little darlings tell you that you look 16? nope? i have. ever have this same special child tell you that you look like you belong in high school? nope? guess what...

rewind: ever drive to the wrong school that you are supposed to substitute in only to find out you have to drive the opposite direction another fifteen minutes to get there? and that teacher doesn't exist here? and you have to smile genuinely and pretend like this was all your fault and a huge misunderstand? and oh yeah...you're now late...

fast-forward: have you ever been teaching a lesson and there is that long division of fractions that you thought you'd never need again in your life? guess what...the answer to that question way back in sixth grade was finally answered for me.

and in conclusion: ever scream all the way home at the top of your lungs? okay i haven't either, but some days you sure do feel like it right?

now, for the wonderfully amaze-balls (Guilianna Rancic has quite the interesting vocabulary) awesome things that make me smile all week long...
1. 70 degree sunny weather that provides for the perfect (not too hot, not too cold) drive home with the windows down, radio on, for the very first time this year. oh, and did i mention, getting out the sandals for the first seasonal wear? yup, that happened this week too.
2. waking up a half hour before my alarm goes off and knowing that, for thirty more minutes, this girl is heading back off to dreamland.
 3. giving myself a "personal day" to sip on coffee and become completely enthralled in a book.
 4. that absolutely wonderful best friend of mine.
5. that someday, and when i say some day i really mean some day in the very far away future of days and years to come, i will be thankful for my youthful looks that make twenty-two year old me appear to be the ripe old age of sixteen. future me is going to be pretty ecstatic about this someday.

pssssttt..if you haven't done it yet, go over to nugget on a budget and check out my summer essentials guest post. it's amaze-balls.

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