a monday for the books

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i dread mondays i do not completely despise monday. i think i dread it when the weather becomes warm and there are a million things on my list to do. like today. i sat down last night with a pad of paper and my planner and literally listed every last flipping thing that needs to be done, down to the very last minuscule detail of "hey, don't forget to brush your teeth" -- that is how busy yesterday's me knew today's me would be.


and unlike my typical behavior on a monday of getting up, inhaling my coffee, and getting down to business i have spent it in my yoga pants, sipping my coffee, listening to some music that really just goes along with the mood of a monday (think kelly clarkson meets sugarland meets sara evans with a twist of gavin-john-buble-etc.). and so i sit.

and true to my typical behavior i am going over in my head all that needs to be done today.

but - since the 70-some degree weather has trickled in and the windows are open and jason mraz and his sexy voice is belting out through my little laptop telling me not to "give up" (good song by the way). i am going to finish out this post with what i intended it to be prior to that monday-haze fogging my brain. BOOKS!

summertime growing up is what every child adores. have you ever met a child that didn't run out of school on that bright june day singing the hallelujah chorus in the back of their head? once i reached high school, honors english punished me (yes back then that is how it felt) with listing books for the dreaded summer reading. the books, the assignments, really? it. is. summer. so seeing as you had to pull teeth to get me to read back then and drives to the beach were used to try and read as many of those darn pages in those books, i have, with my ripe-old age of 22, began a new chapter in terms of summer reading (every pun intended).

i am quite the bookworm. honestly, i'm a booknerd. and if you haven't gathered that from my harry potter references out the buttocks, then take a gander at the shelves in my room. so, seeing as in my book, summer has always meant reading -- and now i actually get all beside myself (in a good way) -- i thought i would throw out there some of my favorite books i have read, some that i am looking forward to diving in to, and a few for those precious little sweeties in our lives. really, i could have listed books forever.
on my "booknerd" list:
on my "have read, and would read again" list:
summer reading from my "high school" years:
for those little darlings:

do i have to mention you all should read harry potter? nah, didn't think so.

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