friday fun-day!

are you ready? are you excited? if you are not i highly suggest you turn on your favorite song that you love to belt out like it's nobody's business - go ahead, you know you want to, dance around for awhile, heck stand on a table and sing. and then start reading again.

okay, you ready?
right under these little words from yours truly is my VERY FIRST GUEST POST written by my darling big sister who blogs about the daily life of being a stylin' thrifty momma over here at nugget on a budget. she is here today to talk to you about...well, why don't i just let her do the talking!


Hello! So seeing as both my sister and I just started writing our blogs a few short months ago, we each have two measley followers. But we follow each others' blogs...meaning that we both really only have one true follower. It's a pretty sad situation. Lil sis decided that we should use this pathetic situation to our advantage and guest post for each other. Yes...that in itself also seems like a pathetic situation. BUT! It sounded like a great idea to us, so here goes...
If you clicked over to my blog before you read this, you'll know that I'm a semi-new mama with a six-month-old baby girl, named S. I absolutely love taking photos of her doing every little baby thing she does. While I'm nowhere near the creative fashionista that my sister is, I've been trying to spruce up my mama style now that including my little sidekick in my life has become second nature. She already has a better looking wardrobe than me! (Thanks to this mama's uncanny ability to make a direct bee-line to every store's baby section...or baby store...or baby thrift shop.)
top: Banana Republic factory store, jeans: F21, shoes: Sperry
Pre-baby, my style was 99% corporate America. Luckily, I wasn't required to wear a suit to work every day, but everything I bought was centered around my job. Dress pants, heels, conservative blouses and button-downs. Why spend money on new jeans and tops when 50+ hours of my week was spent in the office?

Obviously a majority of these clothes had to go once I got pregnant...and I knew that they would not be making their way back into my closet. Stay-at-home mama style did a 180 on corporate America, and now our church rummage sale is going to be getting some ridiculously nice clothing. Because if you've ever had a baby, you know that there are some other places (hello, new bra size!) that get bigger besides your belly.

I've come to embrace my comfy, yet trendy, new mama style. I'm loving skinny jeans and ankle pants, loose tops with cardigans or belted. When I'm at home all day, playing with S and taking her and my other furry baby for walks, my yoga pants are a must. My heels are now reserved for Sundays only. A mama needs a rainbow of flats paired with leggings to run around town all day with a baby in tow!

Following in her Auntie M's footsteps, Baby S is becoming her own little fashionista. In addition to scouring through baby consignment shops, here's some of what she is currently craving for summer...no influence from her mama, of course.
Well, that about wraps it up. It's been fun! Hope you all enjoyed my first guest post and (ahem) found yourself two new bloggies to follow. You can catch my sister guest posting for my blog over at Nugget on a Budget next week. Be on the lookout :) And happy weekend!

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