the office vs. my ear

have you ever covered both of your ears and talked and you could tell how your voice really sounded and it was really odd and strangely creepy to hear? well that is what the world has sounded like to me the past few days, all muffled and creep-ish. so, seeing as hearing is sort of something i tend to like, i decided to head on over to the doctor after i subbed today. well, even though i scheduled to go to that office, i don't believe that office scheduled to see me. because that office made it awfully difficult to get in and out of there in a jiffy.

first, there is that awful sitting in the waiting room part - which the office decided to say "hey, lets give this little hard of hearing lady a break and call her right on back." it always pays to be fashionably early too.

then, there was the nice lady doing all the usual check up stuff, she was just so perky and sweet and i thought to myself "office, you are doing a darn good job at making this appointment a winner."

and for the most part, i waited in my little room in the office, humming along to the country station playing on the radio, because this wasn't going half bad. until i heard it. that awful conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with a doctor, or an appointment, or a runny nose or crooked bone (or anything related to the medical field ALL TOGETHER). and the office, it let me hear this conversation for a good, long, 28 minutes. because the office -- when it wants to make you mad, it does so with a vengeance.

finally, the office let that patient go and i finally got to see my doctor (who, might i add, is the sweetest lady in the whole entire world!). but the office was not finished. because it wasn't like getting a huge giant cold metal contraption that squeezes and shoots water in to your ear to irrigate it isn't enough, it whispered to all that stuff that was clogging up my ears to be stubborn and not budge. i swear they made some sort of deal...

but to make an already too long of a story short, i'm an all hearing woman again, with a very inflamed eardrum and some pretty pink antibiotics to take. as for the office and i, it has another thing coming next time i'm there to visit.

oh, and if anger towards the office hasn't risen to a level of hatred that you might as well call me harry potter and the office "he who shall not be named", you should just hear about my trials and tribulations at the pharmacy..

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