contrary to my perfectly scheduled and planned lifestyle that i (attempt) to lead, oh how i do adore surprises. but, in all reality, this is no surprise at all. big sista and little niece are currently sitting on the couch in mi casa to visit for the next two days. why you may ask? to spend some glorious time with their most favorite person alive? well, yes...and no. there are some other people that they will be visiting. like my cousin who just had a beautiful baby girl in january and my sister (and niece) are just dying to meet! and also to join momma and i in watching my dad coach his undefeated (yes that's 4-0!) girl's soccer team. but still...i'm counting their visit as a surprise!

shirt j.crew factory; pants old navy (old) (similar here); belt forever 21(old); shoes francesca's (old); purse michael kors

1. when i'm standing outside to take these purty little pictures and it's sunny and gorgeous and birds are chirping and oh yeah...downpour.
2.  going on an ice cream run to DQ and as i'm driving there it begins to rain. now this, you may say, is not so awkward but the fact that the nice little car in front of me in the drive-thru would not pull up and i'm literally hanging my head out the window, in the pouring rain, to scream at the intercom "can you hear me?!" is a little awkward...
3. how many people does it take to put together a $30 shelf from target? if you guessed three, you are correct.
4. when i get calls to substitute any time between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. and i am not awake and i'm groggy and don't even remember if the phone call happened or not and that poor lady and what she must think while she is talking to me on the phone, and i have her repeat the name of the person i'm subbing for maybe five times?
5. the hurricane that is my room. who said reorganizing my closet was a good idea? i'd like to find that someone and give them a piece of my mind! sometimes i wonder where i get these grand ideas.

1. big sista and baby niece are currently visiting! (always an awesome)
2. skype. shout out to whoever it is that thought of creating something as wonderful as video chat. you, whoever you are, are a lifesaver of friendships.
3. caramel delight pie blizzard from DQ - just saying.
4. that big sis will be writing a post on THIS VERY BLOG tomorrow. i cannot wait for you all to read all about what she has to say as well as take a look at her fly momma style (;
5. the arm that my niece has. i have never seen a sock monkey fly so high and so far in my life. honestly, i think that little girl can throw farther than i can (and that right there is just a little bit awkward)

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