A&A (on a rainy day)

jeans NY&Co. (old); sweater Gap; cardigan f21 (old); rainboots j.crew factory

- how ridiculously pale i look in the previously posted post. yes, i know it is very sunny out. yes, i know it was also winter. but for a girl like me that usually has some sort of tan to her complexion (even if it is brushed on with some bronzer), i am not feeling this draco malfoy look i've got going on.
- skorts. i thought i encountered one yesterday. it actually was just very voluminous shorts.
- in other awkward news, very voluminous shorts that cannot be depicted from a skort/uni-short/skirt.
- dreams where i am not sure if i am awake or am asleep and even worse, when i wake up and am not sure if i am actually awake. and i say to myself "am i in a dream within a dream?" and i go completely inception on myself.
- the length of my hair. i wish it would make up its mind if it is long or short because i could not tell ya.
- the picture my mother snagged of me as i was lying in my room, masses of clothing/accessories/garbage/loads of crapola piled around me as i emptied and reorganized my closet. if it wasn't so painfully awkward it would be posted.
point. made.

- being reunited this very weekend with my very best friends a la college. that means not only am i seeing old roomie and cheerleading bus buddy but a handful of other friends in which i miss dearly. i can't help but singing reunited and it feels sooooo gooooood.
- cell phones. actually telephones altogether. because if it weren't for them i wouldn't have hour long conversations with my best-friends-since-the-third-grade friend for hours on end. and Lord knows that i might as well be a chicken with my head cut off without her.
for reals.
- DQ double fudge frozen hot chocolates.
- my discovery of lipstick. Revlon's siren, to be exact.
- how long my nails are currently. and the fact that the only reason two of them are short is because they broke not because i picked at them.
- the AMAZING steals i walked away with from Gap yesterday. i'm talking two dresses, one sweater, one shirt, and a pair of shorts all for $50.
mmmmhmm. ah-maz-ing.
- the fact that i have three, count um THREE, followers. little bloggie thanks all three of you for being such wonderful friends and tagging along on my journey!

pssstt...remember those cherry red rainboots i talked about in this post? well, i finally got'um! and for a whopping 50% their original price! i guess procrastination does pay off...sometimes...

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