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this weekend was one for the record books. okay, well maybe not "for the record books" because that implies some life altering event occurred or something along those lines - and that didn't happen. but, what did happen was the first girls weekend I've had in quite some time that involved a little of the following: getting dolled up, beer, Flyers on the big screen (and kicking the Pens BUTTS on Sunday seeeee-yah), fire pit, panera cinnamon crunch bagel, The Lucky one (and a half naked man of a man Zac Efron, swoon), wine, girl talk, sleeping in and other such girl weekend activities (aka swooning over Zac Efron in every Zac Efron movie we could find on OnDemand).

and which girl forgot to take pictures even though her phone and camera were fully charged?
This girl. Yup. Typical.

anywho, I had a point to this post although I'm not distracted by the thoughts of the previous mentioned hunk whispering the line "you should be kissed every day, every hour, every minute" sigh

okay, now before I get carried away...and post every trailer available on youtube..

if you click back to this post (click click), you'll read about my completely unfounded book/movie theory aka the Harry Potter Theory and I mentioned how The Lucky One would be my next victim to fall under review of the theory. And so it shall...

now, i have searched high and low and read other peoples reactions to how they felt after reading the book and seeing the movie. i believe that this is the hardest part of my theory. where as if you would see the movie and then read the book it adds to your movie-viewing experience and you will appreciate it the second time around.  that is where the Harry Potter theory is founded from.  so this is my first real test on book vs. movie.

Precursor: I read the book almost 2 years ago, so forgive me for my broad comparisons. i believe that yes, there was quite a lot of background information left off throughout the movie, especially in the beginning. i did love how it began, giving you a simple line to sort of track you through the movie - i think that was key. but i was disappointed in the changes made to the beginning of the book for the movie. background information is key to not only understanding the plot, but the relationships between characters and characters themselves - so this, is one point against you thus far, dear Lucky One.

what i did love about the movie was its pure characters and how they so deeply displayed those traits that were resembled by the characters in the book. this made me tend to over look the significant details that were described and seemingly overlooked for the movie. this, of course, also happens in a lot of movies because it is impossible to divulge all that information in a mere 2hour and some minute movie.  but...back on track...the character portrayal is beautiful.  the evil of Keith, the romantic in Logan, and the bond between Beth and her brother Jake -- they were things that, even once completed enthralled in a book you may not always pick up on.  so this, i appreciated.

among the most annoying thing to me, has to be the tiny details. the "keep safe, x" was "keep safe, e" in the book, the places in which he traveled to were changed, and even the slightest details of the first dinner she made were changed.  i know they are not big details, but if we want to be nitty gritty about this, I'm shaking my fingers at you filmmakers.  one part that i do not remember being in the book, and this could be my memory failing me but was the portion of how Logan first reacted to coming home - the scenes in the house, his nephews scaring him awake - this explains why he loves "walking" (also about the accident with the road-side bomb) and shows the tragic struggles soldiers can face. It was a detail I was happy to be included.

well, since i am no expert, the verdict is:

book: 10/10
movie (as a whole): 9.5/10
score for movie comparison to book: 85%

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