the curious case of eyelet short

tee j.crew factory (here); shorts f21; sandals bakers (similar) (similar); sunnies h&m; necklace old navy

since i recently decided to look like a lobster (it's the newest-hottest-trend, didn't ya know?) my clothing choice when i wake up in the morning is...well...complicated. i've easily narrowed down my closet to anything that provides my aloe the space to do its job of healing my sun-kissed skin and is loose enough that i do not have to wince with every step i take.

so for a day of errands and laundry and an early evening ice cream run planned, i reached in to my closet and pulled out the shorts that i once mistaken for a skirt, and then a skort, and then -for what they really were- just a very voluminous pair of shorts. and as much as i misunderstood these little guys, i instantly loved them due to the eyelet material and the feminine feel i had been looking for. being a piece i usually wouldn't tend to wear, i took a risk, and my sunburned legs thoroughly appreciated the $10 i risked spending on them as much as i did.

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