wait, what day is it?

--  oh wonderfully, cherry red, lobster-esq sunburn, how i love thee.
--  my skin looking like a spider inhabited it considering all that glorious sunburn is now beginning to peel. yippee!
-- when the lady at homegoods remembers you. at least she doesn't know me by first name. yet.
--  when you are the loudest ones in the dairy queen. and your aunt is reciting every word she knows from the movie bridesmaids. actually, if you knew my aunt and her story telling abilities, this might lean more towards awesome.
-- three day weekends throw me off once the normal week resumes itself. throws me off so that i woke up wrestled around in bed at midnight contemplating why i didn't roll the garbage cans out for the nice garbage men to collect them in the morning. geeze three day weekends, now i'm losing sleep over you, and not in the giddy-kid-on-christmas-morning kind of way.

--  as if i couldn't already be obsessed with carly rae jepsen's "call me maybe", i stumbled upon the link to this video via this blog. i just can't stop watching it.
--  that little blog up there, she is one of my new favorite reads!
-- that my very best friend in the whole entire world (no kidding!) is coming home in eight, count'um, EIGHT very short (which will more then likely drag on and on) days! i mean i can barely contain my excitement. excuse me while i burst out in song and dance (probably to call me maybe).
--  oh, and this little video. you bet i cried. 
-- and probably the most amazing news that i cannot wait to share, so awesome that it may borderline the sort of moments that can only be defined and proclaimed by bursting in to a room and screaming it from the top of my lungs. in a fashion similar to Buddy the Elf when he falls in love. (except i'm not in love) (cue video).


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