i deserve a medal

...or running in to traffic,
smashing my head through a wall,
running around like a chicken with my head cut off...
you get the picture.

this week was one of those weeks where i had to sit myself down and remind myself that it is friday and i made it and i have two glorious days of sleeping and laying around in my pajamas and watching movies on HBO and drinking coffee until noon if i please. honestly, because by about wednesday i probably could have wondered off into the sunset and never returned because i felt as if it was wednesday every day of this week....except the week was 700 days long and there was no end in sight.

but the week ended (almost) seeing as it is friday and i'm patting myself on the back for making it through with at least half of my wits and no serious harm done to anyone or anything. even though it was a close call...but we won't speak of that.

and it was not that it was a particularly bad week. it actually wasn't a bad week at all, it was kind of a really good week. i worked. mom and i went to the outlets. i got to eat ritas. it rained and i didn't actually mind it. i managed to watch the complete installment of harry potter and the deathly hallows all in one morning (special thanks to HBO for playing part 1&2 back to back). so really, week, you were good to me. but isn't it odd how the days seem to drag but the years seem to fly? come on now, it is may already. almost half way through.


and then i think about what i've accomplished in the last five months of this year and i start to shake my head at myself and get real stern and point a finger or two at myself getting all wound up for a lecture about how i need to step up my game and be more productive. (because sometimes i like to tell myself these things even though i've been busting my butt doing this, that, and the other - but i often don't like to listen to myself).

then, i plop down in front of my blog and here you shall find me. fridays must be a good day to vent. and mondays. and then i make real big grown-up decisions about life and such and buckle down and decide that i am going to do that thing gosh-darn-it and no one is going to stop me. except maybe myself.

except i gave myself the weekend off so here goes nothing.
but i still deserve that medal, right?

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