- after the dentist is finished and the novocaine feeling is still tingling through your mouth, lip, tongue..and you sound as if you are drunk when you are talking. oh, and what about attempting to eat with no control of the right side of your mouth. makes for great dinner entertainment.
- speaking of novocaine...dontcha just love the feeling you have when it all wears off? like that mouth is screwed shut and you can barely open it to eat a bowl of cereal the next day type feeling?
- bug bites. huge bug bites.
- i give an immense amount of brownie points to sales clerks who offer styling opinions and show you things you may be interested in - really i do, and i honestly love it, most of the time. but on a day like yesterday, when you approach me for the tenth time, i kind of just want to shop by myself. so please just let me slink away and try to figure out the discounts in my head without you mentioning for the third time how great one of your skinny belts would look with the dress i'm holding.
- this week. i think the days started going in reverse. hi thursday, what took you so long.
- allergies. eye watering, nose running, sneezing, barely breathing,
welcome back.
- my brand new curling iron. ya know the kind that you just wrap your hair around. totally worth the money i spent since my hair is as straight as a stick.
- the fact that this past weekend i spent TWO, count'um, TWO days out in my backyard in my bathing suit soaking up that beautiful sun. hello sun, it's so nice to be back.
- when one of your favorite movies is on tv right smack dab in the middle of the dreariest days and it is starring heath ledger. two thumbs up.
- remember this little baby that i mentioned in this post? well, i finally gave in. not only did i walk out of the j.crew factory store with an array of beautifully colored pieces (really how awesome are all the bright colors this season?) but that little beauty finally came home with me for a reasonably discounted price.
- teacher id = teacher discount. enough said.
- how many books i have read since i graduated. now, to kindle or not to kindle?

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