dress gap; necklace thrifted; belt ny&co (old); wedges ny&co; bag h&m (old)

remember when i told you about that amazing steal of a shopping trip to Gap last week? well here is one of those cozy little clearance babies i picked up during my excursion. i have always been in love with stripes, and a striped dress has always been on my "to-buy" list, so to speak, but for some reason i could never find the right one. i have found plenty that i adore. plenty that are in the right price range (and of course plenty that aren't). so when i tried this little beauty on i was more than ecstatic. it is a heavier fabric then most dresses i pick up and a boxier cut which isn't typically my choice, but with a belt or broach cinching it in, i'm more than head over heals. not only can i throw this on for a cool night at the beach but i'm already dreaming of it with thick tights and the perfect sweater for the cooler months. it's all about transitions in my book ladies and this little beaut just about knocks my socks off.

here are a few other little beauties that are making me see stripes. (that last little baby keeps trying to make her way home with me, in a "i'm practically jumping myself into your car" type of way. one of these days my wallet is going to just have to give in...)

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  1. Yeah sorry, just me commenting. I LOVE this outfit on you...I hope you know you have a great blog and some rockin' styles and the perfect body to model them in. Me, not so much. That is why I will stick to photos of S and not me (my bottom half anyway). <3 U!