the little chambray post that couldn't

shirt ny&co.(similar); shorts h&m (old-from big sis)(similar); shoes lucky brand via tjmaxx (old)(similar); necklace american eagle; watch momma's; wallet vera bradley; sunnies h&m
i had this really great post planned. it was all floating around in my head. i would talk about how much i adore the chambray shirt and how i think it is such a vital piece year round. how this little guy has been paired with this, that, and everything - and was quite the perfect choice for a day of running errands and being comfy but pulled together. and how adorable the little broach was keeping it tucked together in the back. it was such a great little post idea. it made me smile all day. i even managed to snag my melon inspired nails, freshly painted last night, in the pics.

oh...those pics. that wonderful little post just danced out of my head when dad was riding around mowing the lawn as my photog (mom) was snapping those pictures of me for that blessed little post. she even got a picture of dad...
darn those blurry iphone pics. but i have photographic proof of what happened next. dad, being the sly guy he is, stopped that mower and said "are you taking those photos for your e-harmony account?"

and just like that the little idea for my chambray inspired post was gone. and it was much more important to state a very vital lesson learned:

do not take outfit photos while dad is home.

sorry little post, but this will have to be as important as you will get, an easy statement of how much you love chambray shirts and how everyone needs to go out and buy one right now. and for the record, i do not have an e-harmony account - although i do not think poorly of anyone who does. my dad is just a huge jokester like that, also because he asked if he was going to be put on my account as well. gosh dad, i sure do love you.

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  1. chambray is seriously the staple of every one of our summer wardrobes!


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