A&A (on a field trip day!)

--  automated phone calls. i crack up every time, i just can't help myself.
--  showing up to sub yesterday and having the secretary ask me if i "didn't know". apparently that is what they ask you when you show up on "fun day" a.k.a "run around all day long outside day" in dress clothes and not the gym class attire that the rest of the faculty is decked out in. no i did not get the memo. but bless all of them for trying to find me clothing to wear. also, bless living close enough to go and get the appropriate attire once the memo was received.
--  remember this post? awkward written all over it.
--  the HUGE (i mean really, i thought it was a small dog) groundhog that has become a permanent resident at my house. on our front porch. scratching to get in the front door. oh, and hiding underneath my car as i am packing it to go leave to sub. i may never leave the house again.
-- fun fact: did you know that groundhogs can be extremely vicious towards children and dogs?
-- being a teacher. yup. i thank God every day for the calling i have and the career that found me.
--  going on a field trip with six first grade classes, most importantly the one i student taught in, and getting to watch thee junie b. jones in all of her real-world-living glory (if you don't know who she is, she is kinda a huge deal in first grade). followed by a picnic lunch and a glorious afternoon in the park.
--  the comparison i use that my height is comparable to a "fun sized" candy bar. instant conversation changer? you bet. do i use it a lot? you sure bet i do.
--  old navy's accessories. nautical themed bow for my hair = check.
--  my obsession with country music as of late. honestly i cannot get enough. add the windows down and the sun only setting after 8:30, and you make for a happy girl. seriously, you should see my smile right about now.

and the ultimate awesome for this week: that tomorrow morning i am off to enjoy myself some sand, sea, and sun for the entire weekend. oooooooo yeah.


  1. how fun! these are really cute!


    wardrobe girls


  2. hahaha, i love how you compare your height to a fun sized candy bar. hilarious!
    xo TJ