A&A (on a busy day)

- living out of a suitcase. for those of you who yearn for the life of a world class traveler or wanderer or whim-decision-maker, i bow down to you because these last few days have driven me completely up a wall. call me a homebody and a homebody i shall be. proudly.
- when you order a wrap and you see "cajun mayo" and instead get "burning my mouth off and stomach about ready to abandon ship". mmmm, burning insides.
- when someone is screaming "hey kayla" at you from yards away and then continues to scream this said name and then bang on your door and ring your doorbell incessantly until you answer. which you won't. because you are not kayla. and you're currently staring at this person from behind the curtain questioning who this kayla being is.
(note to readers: i do in fact know who kayla is.)
- being that person screaming "hey kayla" to the very not-kayla individual. can i get an amen if you've been that person?

- the first real thunderstorm of the upcoming warm summer months. thunder. lightning. rain smashing against the window pains. aweeeeesome.
- that the people that you least expect to meet are those that make such a drastic impact in your life. and how vital they become to your exsistence and who you truly are.
- having moving, emotional, hilarious conversations with your very best girlfriend.
there is nothing more awesome than this (:
- the video in the post seen below. psssstt watch it! because children and fairy-tales are by far my most favorite thing. and who doesn't love a good baby owl?
- not to toot my own horn, but the outfits i have had on the last few days. not only were they professional and sophisticated in an "i'm an alumni and i wanna teach your kids" sorta way, but they also had a great big piece of  my personality tied in. downfall: no pics. i know, i stink.
but by all means, i'm still gonna toot away.
- hoops & yoyo cards. as if you have never opened one of them when you find yourself in a greeting card store. or walmart. or public place in general. and when they are in plush form (see above) they are even better.

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