something old, something blue

blouse ann taylor (old-from seester); skirt h&m (old); clutch banana republic; shoes payless (old); name tag bracelet (anciently old)

i have always adored the color combination of pale blue and browns and that is where the inspiration lies for this outfit i wore to church yesterday morning, and a little help from momma dearest, since it was her day i wanted her influence present.

i was overjoyed when i found this pencil skirt a year or two back at h&m for a steal of a price on the clearance rack.  needless to say, i only took the tags off today and that little beauty has been hiding away in my closet all of this time. i'm not too sure why because it isn't snug, but form fitting, in all of the right places and gives enough structure, even for an unusually warm morning like yesterday. it may or may not become a staple in my summer wardrobe but i'd keep my eyes pealed because i'm sure it will pop up again. have no fear, little blue beauty, no one will be hiding you in the corner any longer.

as for, well, everything else, it's old. items that i rediscovered as i did a massive purging and organizing of my closet when i graduated college and moved home. items that big seester graciously collected in bins for me to go through. i didn't even attempt to try and link up because i knew i'd be out of luck finding any of them. the clutch is the most recent, and it is about two years old so you get the picture, old. the heals were practically a robbery of payless and the blouse, a glorious hand-me-down from big sis in which i was drooling over all day long and day-dreaming of the ways i'll mix it in to other combinations (stay tuned for a revisit pretty soon). oh the days of having to steal things out of her closet...memories....

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  1. Haha I remember that blouse! Takes me back to my working baby-less days. I always loved that one though. I hope you know, that now all I want to do is steal things out of your closet!