a day for mothers

this one is for all the amazing mothers that i know. you are beautiful, strong, and the type of women that i respect, love, and look up to.

to my sister. how miraculous it is that just one year ago little S was just a little nugget inside of you and now, one whole year later she is a smiling, energetic, 7 month old. you have always been an amazing sister and to see you transform in to such an amazing mother brings a smile to my face. even the way that it carries over to the advice and guidance that you now supply to me, as a sister, as a mother. i see our mother in you.

to my mother. yet another mother's day to celebrate all of the amazing things that you do, but most importantly, your first mother's day as a grandmother. by far this is the most exciting job you have been blessed to have and it amazes me how there is still so much love left inside of you after all these years, and all the things that we have put you through (oh the high school years), that you can adorn yet another little life in all of your glorious gifts. a love of a mother never ends, i see that in you, especially now that you are a grandmother. for all the years that i swore i did not need you or want your advice, i take it all back in ten-fold. i can only hope to some day become the type of mother that you have been and always will be to me - not just a mother but a best friend.

to my grandmother's. i think about you a great deal every day and i know that on this very special mother's day you are both wrapping your arms around us from heaven. i feel your presence every day, even after all these years.

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