i stumbled upon it in a magazine

i've got to be honest. i'm a habitual magazine hoarder. i am subscribed to two and in the summer, when i feel the need to have an even heavier load of them to carry to the beach, i end up picking up three or four other to accompany my already embarrassing load. honest - i barely ever read magazines. i know what you are thinking "say whhhhhhhat?" but really, i don't. i page through, i dog-ear the pages with things that catch my eye - particularly clothing - and totally just skimp on the reading portion unless it has a giant red arrow saying YOU.MUST.READ.ME.NOW. which people, magazines do not do this. they assume their readers are going to actually read the magazine.

but really, i apologize glamour, instyle, marie claire...all of you...because today for one of the first times i actually READ an article. hold your applause. and the birds were chirping and my country music was playing and the sun was kissing my skin and everything in the world was glorious because i read that article beginning to end and i found this along the way:

Cameron Diaz, she knows her stuff. because that little quote just about made my whole day week year life. finally, someone out there has finally said what i have been trying to put in to words for my entire life! which really, now that it is all out there in black and white it was a lot more simple then i thought but boy, do i love it. for every single thing i do i give 500% of myself before i even realize it and that may mean a heart broken or two but what is the point of living if you do not do it whole-heartedly? i have too much to give to live my life any other way.

and the truth is, i may now become an avid reader of magazines. maybe. or i will at least pay more attention as i'm mindlessly flipping through the pages.

boy do i ever adore that little instagramed quote, yes, yes i do. and now, me and the sun are going to reunite over one of my dad's famous cheeseburgers and an ice cold drink.

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