the dad files

lets just face the facts here: parents almost always seem to be right, one way or another. and you can fight me on this by saying that "my mom is always right but my dad isn't" or vice versa, but really, when you lay it all out there, they are right. give it a few years if you don't believe me. 19 year old me wouldn't believe 22 year old me if it hit me like a brick in the face. heck, i don't think 21 year old me would've either. but i have a point here.

i've got to give it to my dad. my mom usually gets the rants and raves, the insides and outs of the day to day events in my life. (called her 4 times at least a day in college? i know - total weirdo.) but lately, dad's been in tune. at least in tune to the point where he asks my mom after the appropriate amount of time has passed "what that was all about". so, a las, we embark on the dad files.

dad advice numero uno: if you go to a bar order a soda.

when dad first said this to me (after he went on and on about when "he was my age", dads and their stories about "when i was your age", got to love them) i didn't pass too much judgement. i'm not one of those girls that aims to leave the bar looking as so:

that's not my plan. a glass of wine, you got it, and that sucker can last me all night long. and to be frank, i usually always order a water when i'm out at dinner because i'm a cheapo recent college graduate and can't afford $5000 $8 cocktails. so i nodded and went on my way thinking, "i don't intend on meeting someone at a bar", and tucked that little tid-bit of information in the back of my noggin for later consideration.

now, i give my old man credit. because when one just so happened to find herself in the position of going with a girlfriend to a bar and ordered herself a water, i didn't even have dear old dad's advice on my mind. and when an acquaintance i made months ago approached me and sat and talked to me for a good, oh i don't know - twenty minutes, that water sat idly in the wings. and when (attractive) acquaintance offered to buy me a drink (and i already knew i was getting ready to head out) i declined and told him maybe next time. completely not even remembering what dad said about ordering a soda at the bar instead of a drink.

it was not until i got acquaintance's number, after my first dinner with said acquaintance and after dad asked me how it went and how i managed to meet this guy did the "water theory" finally make an appearance from that dusty old shelf it was previously tucked away on for later referencing.  so - dad made himself a valid point here. coincidence or not. i was approached with water in my hand and managed to snag myself a date (followed by a second) as well.

touche dad, touche.

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