i-spy with my little eye

take a gander at the last week (ish) via instagram.
new dainty ring and a hint of yellow.
guess who finally took the plunge and bought herself a kindle?
just call me miss creeper crawler expert
strawberry pancakes
great quote.
prettiest packaging ever.
sugar free mango-peach gelati = acceptable lunch.
when discussing what book to choose for the kindle.
 mom circa kindergarten.
they see him rollin', they hatin'.
cherry red deliciousness, in pant form.
leopard + hot pink = love.

i'm really bad at documenting my adventures with my best friend. by the time i think to get my phone out and snap a pic i'm already parting ways. why do i do this?


  1. awesome instagrams! I heart instagram but I somehow don't think I am creative enough to capture such interesting photos!! :)

  2. Is that pink lovely a long skirt? I need.

  3. Thank you so much Nellie and I am sure you are creative! I just snap away at anything that looks interesting :)

    And K - yup! maxi skirt from old navy!