-- the fact that i have had 4 cups of coffee today and i still am having that whole head-bobbing-fighting-to-keep-my-eyes-open-about-to-fall-asleep feeling.
-- falling as i'm trying to get out of a skirt in the dressing room. how would anyone know right? oh i just happened to loudly thud against the dressing room wall.
-- that awkward moment when you realize that you and friend have been standing in the outlet parking lot for fifteen minutes staring at this lady getting her car searched by 4 police officers as she is screaming "i'd like for you to tell me what i stole!" at the 5th officer.
--  it's only what time? and i'm ready for bed? just call me grandma.
-- when running in to someone that one of your parents knows and the first question out of their mouth is "what grade are you in now?" "ninth?". and the shock that registers across their face when you tell them that you are out of college. and even better the dumb-founded "nooooo" response they always give followed hand in hand with the "someday you will appreciate how young you look". someday. i'm still waiting for that day...
-- that dear old emily finally had the balls (yup, i said it) to not give ryan that rose. and as much as i sat there on the edge of my seat...err couch...with steam spewing from my ears as ryan went on and on for about ten minutes thinking he was going to "manipulate" (i'm pretty sure he referenced himself as someone who can "manipulate the situation") emily in to giving him the rose...i even managed a full out giggle when she sent mr. turquoise suede shoes packing.
can i get an amen?
-- that this week has been spent at breakfasts with one best friend, lunches with other best friend, and the weekend is about to be spent with yet another best friend. i've managed to jam-pack my week with as much girl talk, hazelnut coffees, giggles, sunshine by the pool and best friends as possible and i.freakin'.love.it.
-- camp creepy crawlers, bug expert extraordinaire. five and six year olds. love. sums it all up.

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