i spy with my little eye: a mini-vacay

first order of business: holy moley it is tuesday already. and a rainy tuesday (but i certainly do not hate it) i guess that is what traveling on a monday does to you. speaking of traveling...i shall be rambling about that tomorrow..and it's a good one.

second order of business: today i am like a little kid on christmas morning aka hyped up on adrenaline and the spirit of the season. why you may ask? because best friend is finally home and i am seeing her tonight. i shall ramble about that later this week!

last order of business: snippets of that lovely mini-vacay the whole family enjoyed this past weekend.

breakfast of champions, travel version
st. george's bridge with a cameo appearance by mr. golden sun himself
baby S, meet the ocean
weather = perfect
breakfast of champions, mini-vacay version
baby S, meet the sand
florals and fedoras
bunny tracks, putting moose tracks to shame
neon colored hand chairs
sleeping beauty

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