this is the post that will never make any sense

my brain is a giant blur right now. first, it's june? june 6th to be exact. hey june 6th, how ya doing? and why are you giving me temperatures that feel like the end-of-april-beginning-of-may. my body is confused. but my body kind of likes it. hello jeans with sandals and sleeveless shirts. and why with all of this added hours of sleep i have been getting (woo-eee, does college trip out your body's natural clock, or so i've learned since graduating mid-december, by the way, congrats little-self for being a whole almost five months and a week old alumni) do you refuse to wake me with a clear mind. bah-humbug.

oooo rambles...and now for questions. (as if this post was actually ever going to make any sense).

-why did ryan get a rose monday night? for all you bachlorette watchers out there, i.just.don't.get.it. i mean, the guy pretty much just went on and on about how "i think america would love to see me as the next bachelor" and "i'll love you but i won't love on you as much". i mean, come on. who says this kind of stuff? anyone else want to see him get hit by a bus? no? okay, maybe just me.
-why am i still obsessed with this? more importantly this one.
-why have i not seen the hunger games? hi, any takers??
oh, and did anyone else completely fall in love with peeta while reading the trilogy? #teampeeta
-who on earth would choose blood-sucking vampires over the hunger games. better yet, umm harry potter? have you not been around for the last ten years? amen to this tweet:

#teamharrypotter #ilovehashtaggingnotontwitter
-did anyone else forget zac efron could sing? skip to 1:20 in this video. and then he just gets hotter...

-to kindle or not to kindle, that is the question?
-could forever21 have chosen a better print for a tee shirt such as this?
i need this top.
nope, i didn't think so either. i may or may not be off hunting for it. (photo: source)

and that is the end of the post that made completely no sense.
the end.
oh and this...

best friend countdown: 2 days!

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