A&A : remix style

shirt forever21 (old)(similar); pants LC Lauren Conrad (old)(similar); belt target; sandals forever 21(old)

the awkward: girl versus the dressing room debacle.
girl walks in to h&m. annoying pre-teens are standing in front of every rack as girl meanders throughout store that she wants to look at. pre-teens are making a HUGE scene, as in "hi i'm going to obnoxiously scream in my friends face about how "adorbs" this hat is. "like oh-em-gee i have got to freaking buy this!" (puts hat back). anyway. girl manages to snag few items and run in to dressing room thinking that she has finally gotten away from obnoxios pre-teens.

girl was wrong. oh so very very wrong. pre-teens just had to be the in the three dressing rooms surrounding her while guy friend is sitting on the bench, camera in hand, to "judge their outfits". (i'm not making this up). so as each pre-teen girl tries on each new item of clothing they show boy and boy takes a picture to help him judge which outfit is the best. meanwhile, they are cackling (yes as in the evil witch from every disney movie) to the point that girl is assuming they will be rolling on the floor soon and die of laughter. laughter reaches a deafening pitch. girl has to cover mouth because she knows it is inappropriate to scream at these pre-teen babies but....she screams bloody murder at them anyway.

okay, not really, girl didn't. girl kept her mouth shut like a class-act, purchased her items and left the store. then, in the privacy of her own car did she scream a little.

the awesome: three little lovelies (brought to you in espanol - sort of).
(uno)  this girl, right here, won her very first giveaway over here. i was so stoked i was jumping up and down, screaming, and busting out in a fit of giggles. called my sister. the whole enchilada. now i know what you're thinking - too much. but it wasn't. so keep an eye on the blank pages not only because she is one great lady but my face may be appearing there come july!

(dos)   hi, my name is tutor girl (anyone else remember this from one tree hill, the early seasons?). i shall be tutoring two little munchkins this summer, maybe even three. sticker charts, flashcards, books, here i come!

(tres)  that little outfit up there? never thought i'd see the day i would tuck a shirt in to jeans. oddly enough, i always felt like it made me look even shorter then i normally am and vowed to never wear it against my own free will. but here i am, good choice or not, and i am loving it. shout out to the little leopard belt for just being so darn irresistible.

best friend countdown: 1 DAY!

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