you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?

whole fam, circa 2009
after much deliberation (and a third of the summer already gone), i decided that it was about time that i stopped simply talking about all of the things that i want to do this summer and actually start doing them. now, i'm putting my money..err blog..where my mouth is..

summer 2012 "bucket list"
1. read 10 books.
2. go to a philadelphia phillies baseball game adorned in jersey and team specific attire.
(really, any baseball game is acceptable for this one.)
3. take a spontaneous day trip - location to be determined.
4. go on a wine tasting.
5. go see a broadway show! (on broadway or a touring production)
6. ride bike on the trail by my house every sunday with my father. make it twice a week if possible.
7. finally see the hunger games. now that i have finished the trilogy i'm ready to view the first installment via big screen (or small screen). even better yet, do this with my sister and have a good old fashioned girls night with her.
8. all those diy projects i pin and am inspired by - do one!

now, let's get to doing!
join in the fun and link up with big sisters blog over here!.

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