dress LC lauren conrad for kohl's; purse j.crew; wedges (last seen here, here & here)

-- the case of the missing arm. sometimes it just happens when you take pictures. and sometimes you gotta post um...ya win some, ya lose some. no pun intended.
--  to the awkward boy swimming laps in the community pool at my friends apartment complex. please stop. you are not michael phelps.
-- to doug on the bachelor: did em finally give you those "give me a kiss eyes" that you were looking for? something tells me that they may have been more like "i'm sending you home eyes" but i applaud your effort as i painfully watched it all unfold.
-- ever try to blow your nose while your nails are drying from a fresh coat of paint? i did. and thanks to mother dearest we have photographic proof of how awkward it is. even more akward, that i'm sharing the lovely proof with you:

-- mamma mia! mom and i went to see the wonderful show tuesday night and were singing (or at least i was) along with every song (and still am!). i mean honestly i was practically dancing in my seat. and giddy as a school girl. check #5 off of my "summer bucket list" please and thanks. and go listen to the soundtrack on youtube. i know i will be the next week or so.
-- dresses. i think i have an addictive relationship with them. and this little kelly green number that i wore for the show tuesday night was by far one of my favorite purchases yet.
-- to the wind: thanks for giving me a sultry windblown look in the above pictures. good timeing since my wind machine broke down that day.

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