i wore this outfit yesterday

blouse ny&co.; skirt j.crew factory (here); clutch francesca's; wedges (seen here, here, and here); necklace oldnavy

to church to be exact. and i took these pictures after church, which is why there are such lovely little crease marks on the front of my skirt in that last picture. it makes me wish i had one of those little steamer vacs that you see clothing stores have and i could just poof poof some steam and then wah-lah skirt is brand stinkin' new. pause a moment to picture what you would think seeing a girl strolling down the street rolling one of those things behind her. i dig it.

and those wedges, bless their souls. they tried with all their might to make me trip and fall while walking in to Church, and again in the hall, and again as i was entering the pew, but my feet just wouldn't allow it. try as they might i remained upright all morning. i'm sure the congregation was appreciative of this as well.

i think the congregation (or at least my mom, cousin, and the nice people in the pew in front of me) also appreciated my little vocals during the morning worship. okay, okay, i enjoyed it. i dabbled in the vocal extracurriculars (aka i was involved up to my eyeballs in every group possible) throughout middle and high school and have missed singing dearly. and it isn't that i do not appreciate the sermon (especially this week, the book of Revelation always provides with some of the most meaningful sermons) or other various portions of my sunday morning, but something about singing...

singing in church...it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. it ties the message together and it gives me a little one on one time with God outside of prayer. it is a whole new level of communication between me and the Big Man: a way to thank Him, to speak to Him, to just be one with Him, if only for the time span of a four minute hymn. and today's hymn, the very last hymn of the morning, Hallelujah! What A Savior, was the perfect hymn.

for some reason lately i have been missing my grandmother more then life itself. all of the trials and tribulations, all of the good news and events that have occured, even just the simple stories, i long to go to her and tell her. amongst all the varying things i pray about each night i pray for the Lord to simply guide me each day. show me the way to a peaceful day and an ever steady path to the future He has in store for me. last night i added a little side note: give a little hug to grandma. after reading this book about a little boy's amazing story, i've been trying to have a little more child-like faith, especially in prayer.

did He ever respond. that hymn is the center of one of my favorite memories of my grandma. on her hands and knees during feet washing, a part of communion, singing that hymn. it was a reminder to me that those we love are always with us and we can speak to them any time we want. it was exactly what i needed (what we all need sometimes i think). what a beautiful, wonderful Lord I have.

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  1. so adorable! love the outfit, girl! and that top is just perfect!!!
    xo TJ