the dark side of driving miss daisy

ya know, you learn something new about yourself every day. especially when you are in a car. i do a lot of my best (and worst) thinking when i'm stuck driving in a car. usually i bop along to the radio and sing at the top of my lungs giving entertainment to all around me. sometimes i am yelling at my gps because i do not want to "when possible, make a legal u-turn." and i even get excited when a deer is in the cornfield (real exciting, i know).

today i learned that i am a very impatient driver. very impatient. i'm pretty sure i was right up there in road rage status. i was getting all "i'm late i'm late for a very important date" at this driver infront of me, clearly because every two seconds his break lights were flashing me in the face. mocking me almost. as if to say "just because you are screaming and waving your arms at me like a lunatic i'm going to purposely drive this way". so of course, i had to snag a picture. and then wave my arms some more. and then lock my doors at the red light. very impatient driver.

karma will come around and bite me some day for this.
also, how many firework stands can be set up in a one mile radius? the answer: 5. i also learned that today.

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