i-spy with my little eye

life lately according to my instragram photos.
not ashamed to be the only 22 year old in the theater (well, and with my 23 year old bff)
outfit for girls day out with said bff to see brave.
mamma mia!
here i go again. (bucket list accomplishment numero uno)
outfit of the day: last breakfast before best friend leaves for alabama.
little nugget is ready to pack.
grandpa toes and baby toes.
fashionista in the making.
cousin c visited sister, baby s, and i.
vintage rattles and home-made headbands.
first tram ride!
girls night out with my big sister.
itty bitty baby love.

and yes. i am somewhat ashamed to say i was one of those people who had a minor cow while instagram was down and out for the count over the weekend.
and no. i won't go in to detail..
but yes. i may have sang a tiny version of the hallelujah chorus inside my head one it was back up and running.
admit it people. you were all right there with me.

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