the cutest darndest thing

i'm clearly not very good at keeping my word about writing things on specific days here. i mean, sure, i post my instagram photos on a tuesday. and about ninety-five percent of the time i get around to awkward/awesome posts on thursdays. so i guess i haven't been too bad with keeping my word.  but wednesdays, they just haven't held true to what they were supposed to be about. I had such high hopes for ya wednesday. which i suppose could've been a clear indicator right there that this wouldn't last, putting too much pressure on good'ol hump day...and those outfit posts, i'm slackin'.
& i just rambled for a whole paragraph so i should probably stop myself right here.

anywho. seeing as today i will not be talking about what i currently love in the fashion world. (hint: i just bought a striped light weight sweatshirt from j.crew and i think it's my three thousandth striped purchase). and i also won't be taking any outfit pictures (hint: temperatures in the upper nineties, lower triple digits, do not make for a pretty outfit pics. props to all those lovelies out there who can "make it work". ps: i love tim gunn.). but i will be sharing probably the cutest darndest text message a girl could get.

now it is just about the cutest sweetest thing when a guy cares enough to look up who in the heck biscuit is. and who might be the new friend entering biscuit's life. and it just about kept me smiling for the rest of the day. boy he knocks my socks off.

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