awesome, awesomer, awesomest

this week i am fresh out of awkward. i didn't get my hair stuck to velcro for ten minutes (seriously, who does this?) i didn't get locked in a bathroom in a foreign country accidentally (this really did happen, at the age of 11). and it has been at least a week since i tried to talk like yoda in starwars. "do or do not, there is no try".

that being said, the title of this post is misleading. nothing that out of the blue awesome, awesomer, or awesomest happened this week. but here are few pretty awesome things that made me smile (and in no specific order).

-- sitting at a five guys for three whole hours catching up with one of my dearest friends.
-- happy hour half price appetizers with yet another wonderful friend. really, what more can a girl ask for? more food at a fraction of the cost? i know, i know, too good to be true. i'll see ya in thirty minutes.
-- texts that make me smile endlessly.

and now i am off to my happy place.
see photo above.
with thirty random people. just kidding, they aren't all random, they are all family-ish.
but i may or may not be popping in from time to time.
until then i will be doing some serious bonding with my beach chair, sunscreen, and sweet salt air.
adios muchachas!


  1. Omg I almost forgot about you getting stuck in that Mcdonald's bathroom!! Funniest and scariest part of that trip.

  2. i think the beach is mine too!

    come say hi at nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    have a good day!

  3. OMG i LOVE the beach...i def can not wait to get older b/c i hope that i will be able to live on the beach or live in a city CLOSE to the beach. it just makes me happy to hear the waves crash and have the sand seep between my toes