just a wednesday morning on vacation

my niece is currently crawling underneath the table. 
just a typical wednesday morning on vacation.
typical mid-week, mid-vacation type day where the temperatures are going to be reaching the 90's and the heat index is going to be well over 105 degrees. this shall make for quite an interesting day and an extensive amount of time away from my chair and in the ocean.
and now it seems just silly to post my typical "past week of instagram" photos and post a few of the sites of instagram photos, a la vacation, thus far.
and also because i had all of these really great vacation-esque posts: funny stories, great outfit pics, crazy family tell-alls. and my vacation brain just doesn't know what to say right now except "uhhhhhh".
and i really have no business writing a post right now.
(and maybe because my sister hogged the laptop this morning...)

sand, sun, happiness.
 dad is such a trooper.
by far, the best purchase i've made this summer.
skinny girl white peach margarita. end of story.
perfect colors for an at vacation home mani/pedi
baby S playing peek-a-boo.

now, me and my vacation-fried brain are going to enjoy some more of my crazy family.
and being launched in to the ocean, full out basket-toss style.
which may also be a cause of my vacation brain...
for some funny family stories so far, check out my sissy's blog over here. you won't regret it.

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