back to reality with some reality tv

i'm back!
i don't think i even know how to write a post right now.i blame my post-vacation brain combined with me pre-anxiety induced brain that is awaiting me as soon as i gather up the courage to open up my e-mail and get down to business.
it makes me really long for days like these:
where all i have to do is sit in front of the fire, drink hot cocoa all day, and get tons of things accomplished without getting out of my sweatpants. darn the days where the sun shines and the temperatures are beautiful and all i want to do is absolutely nothing but lay by the pool. or more like the beach.
ten days too long? never. but it makes getting back in the swing of things a little difficult...
thank goodness i'm a teacher or else i would've had to take a day off today due to post-vacation-stress-syndrome.

in other news, i have one ramble for you today.
emily picked jef (with one f). praises all around.
now i'll admit i had my reservations about the boy at the beginning of this season. naturally, because i was rooting for sean. which naturally, when watching the previews made me anticipate she ditched both jef and arie - who by the way, just creeps me out - and decided she really loved sean. just like the rest of America, i'm sure. but as his hair grew out and he charmed me from at home on my couch, i really was rooting for the guy. and you bet i couldn't get enough of him with the pink goggles on. and it just about was the sweetest icing on the cake when jef broke out that entire proposal. not to mention the line i loved most: "i believe that God puts people in our lives at exactly the right time." amen.
yes yes, it may be reality tv show. but i'm rooting for #teamjem.
and obviously i am a sucker for any kind of romance. even if it is on national television.

now tomorrow, tomorrow will be a different story. because i won't have vacation-fried-brain anymore (or so i hope) and i can actually write a post that has a little more substance than my take on the bachelorette. more substance as in a ton of instagram pics from vacation with some pretty interesting captions and a funny story or two.


  1. Love your blog :) & I was so happy her & jef ended up together! They should just make a reality t.v. show about their lives. Ha!

    p.s. That was my favorite part of his proposal too!

    1. thanks sweets! and aren't they just the sweetest? i'd love to see their wedding like they did with trista and ryan's way back when.