when in rome, do as the romans

baby S finally learned how to beat the rebel forces with a light saber, and how to rock her very own pair of stunna shades. and sand? pshhh...sand is nothing to little S. she crawls on it like she doesn't have a care in the world.
also, ask her any yes/no question in the book -- with a one grunt response for "yes" and two grunt response for "no" and she can answer it.

there is nothing i look forward to more as summer approaches than our family, all together, in one place - the beach. it has been this way for as long as i can remember and it is nothing short of amazing each and every year. this year i was even more excited knowing that this meant ten whole days with everyone i love most and no drives to new york or skype calls to see their faces.
i could ramble on forever about vacation. what we did and all. but instead i'll let the pictures do the talking with a little assistance from some stories.

the stories my family tells, as we are all circled up in the usual seating arrangement that our beach chairs seem to find, revolve around, but are not limited to:
-- my father and his small accident with the paring knife. four stitches later and he is water-banned for at least forty-eight hours. which led to the discussion of the "finger condoms"...which you can only imagine where that led to...i don't make this stuff up.
-- the time my cousin forgot she had nail polish remover on the top shelf in her bathroom and proceed to spill it all in her hair and eyes and face when she had to be in work in ten minutes. oh, and having no idea how it would react to her meds her psychiatrist prescribes her.
-- good cat, good cat, hideous.
-- the trials and tribulations of a pedestrian.
-- bejeweled and bedazzled walkers.
-- the time my aunt j's cat brought a bird in to the house. and it was still alive. and flying.
-- the time my aunt j and uncle j told my dad to pretend he was blind and would walk him and ran him straight in to a pole.
-- conversations my grandmother and grandfather used to have.
-- the time my aunt j went out with some of the cousins and my aunt k. the "low" song came on. and everyone went low (and my aunt j, can't get low unless she has some assistance - thus she demonstrated). and when they all came up a lady emerged high above the crowd as if she was being carried. it was my aunt k.
-- that one time my cousin picked up a girl at a gas station and fed her triscuits.
-- that one year that my uncle decided to wear a speedo and pose baywatch style on the beach for all to see.

p.s. if you'd like to see more of my vacation, which i know you do, 
visit my sister over here on her blog! 


  1. following from the blog hop!
    looks like such a great time.
    especially loving those elephant leggings.
    i want them.


  2. yay! love this. you take the best instagrams. thanks for the linky :)