perspectives and chocolate milk

tank h&m; skirt aerie by american eagle; sandals kohl's (all from earlier this season)

it is amazing what a good nights sleep can do to one's perspective. i went to bed in a terrible mood. and that mood was amplified by the fact that i didn't fall asleep until probably well after 12:30 a.m. but when i woke up (besides contemplating why i had a dream about chocolate milk) i felt a wave of unbelievable gratitude. a shift in perspective by about a million degrees. a sense of calm.  the sunshine that was streaming in my window certainly helped as well.

this little number in all of its poor photographic glory was worn one night on vacation. it was hard to narrow down which maxi skirt i wanted to take along with me but i definitely made the right decision. light-weight, breezy, i could just eat it up!

speaking of eating, err drinking. time for that glass of chocolate milk.
to catch a glimpse of a few more vacation pictures, head on over to my sissy's blog, one more time.


  1. i love a light breezy dress!
    and now i want chocolate milk. crap.

  2. yes. love that skirt. i need more money so I can go shopping with you!