iSpy some american pride

the beginning of my olympic obsession - downloading apps
a little red and white stripe action to support team usa during the opening ceremonies
texting about the olympics
best commentators
once a fan, always a fan
my instagram account looks a little like that lately - ultimately meaning there is lack of pictures being taken due to the fact that i've succumbed to a full-blown case of olympic-itis. so this post is just a little glimpse of my dedication to my country during the next two weeks.
if you want to find me until august 12th i'll be:
peering through my fingers as the women's gymnastics team goes for gold this evening (big shoes to fill - anyone else remember the magnificent 7?)
screaming like a maniac for michael phelps and the rest of the american swimmers.
holding my breath as misty may-treanor and kerri walsh-jennings go for an unblemished record.

oh yeah, and probably getting my classroom ready for the beginning of school, which should be an olympic event in and of itself. but we are talking about priorities here people. U-S-A.
p.s. hop on over to melissa's blog and join in
on the blog-hopping fun! i sure did!


  1. I have that app too! I've been using it nonstop haha. I have also become a DVR-ing machine this week. I don't want to miss a thing!

    1. I wish it would just give me notifications for events! Although, maybe I don't have it set up correctly. And I know what you mean, my TV is playing Olympics non-stop!