olympic fever and a blog take over

today i will be over at the blank pages talking about my summer go-to item and completely taking over amy's blog.
this is the best thing that has happened to a monday in a long time!
if you have found me via my blog takeover then welcome! i hope you decide to stay awhile and follow along on my journey, and in return, i can get to know you all as well!

also, does anyone else have olympic fever? i swear i've got #teamUSA on my mind all.the.time. i think it is a little unhealthy how involved and how anxious i get while watching these events. i'm talking full out-peeking through my fingers-holding my breath-nervous for the outcome of these events. i even have two olympic apps downloaded (which, by the way, aren't working as well as i had hoped - hello, i want reminders!).
and bela karolyi. how precious are you on my tv screen right now?
what events will you be watching through these olympics?


  1. Just found you through Amy's blog! You are so cute! :) I love the outfits you did. New follower :)

    xoxo Vanessa @ He Says Newcastle

    1. i'm so happy you found the blog and decided to follow along! :)
      xoxo M

  2. I too have two Olympics apps. I love the Olympics!