twenty three in twenty three

one of my favorite blogs to follow (okay, okay, i also follower her on twitter and instagram, gotta be consistent people) is erin's blog. so when i saw her tweet the idea of doing a "26 in 26" post, i anticipated the post like a kid on christmas morning.
this girl is hilarious. how could i not?
and since she made it a link-up, i decided i'd try it out. and since i am only twenty-two for a few more short months, i figured i'd claim this my "23 in 23".

1. get to twenty-three followers! okay, kidding, just trying to stick with the theme. but i would love my goal to be 100 followers by the time i turn 23 (which is in october). then who knows, maybe up to 230 by the end of my 23 year? a girl can dream.

2. get in to shape, tone, and cleanse. i want to find a routine and stick to it.

3. on that note, get back in to a ballet class. probably one of the best workouts one could ever get and one of the things i miss most in my life.
4. purchase that plane ticket, get on that plane, and fly down to alabama to visit my best friend. she has been there for over a year and i just haven't gotten there yet. even better, drive back to pennsylvania with her after the visit.

5.  finally finish that college scrapbook that i have attempted to start three times now.
6. drive via motorcycle to our alma mater with my dad.

7. three words: black. friday. shopping. and do it with my sister, full out game-plan, all night, attack it head on. its like training for the hunger games, kinda, sorta.

8.  move back out of my parents house and move in to my very own apartment.

9. and once i am in that apartment, finally get the little dog that i've always dreamed of:
french bull dog
hi world, meet weasley. sweater and all. (and he will be named after ron weasley from harry potter. don't judge).

10. read at least one book a month.

11.  go to a lady antebellum or rascal flatts concert. country concert in general please!

12. see white christmas on broadway with my entire family in tow. family tradition taken to the next level? i think so.
13. get a contracted position at the school that i am long term subbing at this year. after this year of full year subbing i hope to be a permanent member of the district.

14. make it a point to talk to my girlfriends at least once a week. whether it be on the phone, via text, skype, or a girls night out, keep in constant touch.

15. fall in love. completely, hopelessly, in love. and be loved back the way i know i should be (and not settling for anything less).
16. rely more on my faith and in turn, rely on God and his timeing.

17. start cooking! and when i mean cooking i mean really cooking like recipes and directions and all the things i pin on pinterest that i want to do. so long pasta sides.

18. really learn how to utilize everything in my closet. maybe give kendi's thirty for thirty challenge a whirl.

19. bake christmas cookies with all the women of my family, just like we used to do, baby S included this year.
20. and on that note, try and wait until after thanksgiving to start listening to christmas music. if i can do that i think that i will forgive myself for not doing anything else on this list (sometimes you need some easy things to accomplish..baby steps..)

21. all of those crafts i pinned on pinterest? do some of them. my main goal is to send out hand-made, home-made christmas cards this year to my friends. think i can do it?
a christmas card i made last year
22. hello my name is positive polly. remind myself daily of the things i have to be thankful for.

23. finally get to a flyer's hockey game. i've been trying for the last three years of my life and maybe this year might just be my year.

what will you do in this next year of your life?


  1. What a great list, especially the book a month one! I'm a huge book worm that no longer has time to read!
    I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)
    Sapir @ smellthewildflowers.blogspot.com

    1. thank you for the new follow! I will certainly make my way over to your blog and become a new follower of yours :)

  2. Why did I not know of this when I turned 23?! What an awesome list! And I hope you complete everything on it (especially #4)!

  3. I love these lists! They are always so inspiring. I love Erin's blog too! She's hilarious. I need to really start cooking too.......
    Found you through the blog hop! :)