a little motivation this monday


happy monday one and all. i've really been slacking lately which is why my "to do" list has become quite a few pages long. i blame the impromptu harry potter marathons, retroMTV playing reruns of the hills, and 100 plus degree weather for my..umm..procrastinating behavior.
but that is all changing today! i have some fun and exciting things up my sleeve. which unfortunately have to wait until all those things on my "to do" list get done. (note to self: find a honey to fully invest in a "honey-do" list). but still, exciting none the less. so exciting that you may be seeing my face pop up guest posting on one of my favorite ladies blogs come the end of july. see, i told you it was exciting! but more about that later this month.
so. seeing as everyone needs a little motivation on mondays, go ahead and follow suit and don't let your case of the mondays win.

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