just keep pinning, just keep pinning

in preparation for the long awaited week before the first week of schools (a.k.a this week! holy cow i cannot believe it is here already!) i began pinning like a mad woman who was hopped up on wayyyyy too much caffeine. and when i say "like a mad woman who was hopped up on wayyyy too much caffeine", in actuality i mean, i was about five cups of coffee deep and/or was sleep deprived and just began pinning like my life depended on it. such is life.

now, i have way too many cool things that i tried out in my room and absolutely adored that i cannot wait to share with you. but, sigh, my tired little brain and my even more tired little body just can't get themselves to cooperate and put together a diy post.
but, i digress, you will indeed get some of these diy posts in the very near future. pinky promise. but in the mean time, you'll get some of my top favorite pins. and some sneak peaks tomorrow (fingers crossed) of what has been going on in my little old first grade classroom.
*This is my 200 Followers FREEBIE!  Editable Owl Themed Newsletter :)
cutest little newsletter/ source: tpt
Mrs. Phippen: Writer's Eye Glasses
pssttt...hint hint / source: mrs.phippen
I'm doing pencil buckets this year, and these little signs are perfect! 

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