oh hello, saturday

wait what?
i know what you're thinking. who is this girl and why hasn't she posted on her blog.
i apologize to you all and especially to you, little blog, life has just got me a little frazzled these days. setting up an entire classroom in a two week time period - from scratch - is no small task. it is actually no large task either. if setting up a classroom were a ship it would be the titanic. and i may or may not have just barely missed a few icebergs. so please forgive me if my posts are sporadic, or short, or make no sense, or just end up being a giant jumbled mess. hey, a girl can try.

so, to stay with my theme of doing everything off of the norm, i've got for you today my friday letters...errr...on a saturday.

dear job, thank you. thank you for being in my life for this entire up and coming school year. who would have thought i'd be a full time teacher not even a year after graduating. God is good. bring on the kiddos.

dear blog, i may have already said it, but i'm so sorry for neglecting you the past week. hang in there, life is about to get a lot more interesting, and once i get the hang of balancing it all we will have some wonderful things to talk about. pinky promise.

dear fall, hey, i see you're trying to move in with some of these cooler temps (hello only 70 degrees last night). please hurry on up and move right in. my jeans and sweaters greatly miss you.

dear nugget,  i miss your little baby self. can it be labor day already so i can squeeze and hug your little baby goodness. auntie m has lots of new things to teach you (and a new stuffed friend named SkippyJon Jones that wants to play with you and Hungry Caterpillar).

dear phillip phillips, i became obsessed with this song during the olympics and i'll be forever repeating it for the next month or so.
p.s. hey olympics, i miss ya, wanna come back in my life sooner than four years?


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  1. First, baby nugget misses you too. Cannot wait for Labor Day weekend! Second, you get your wish: the Olympics will be back in your life in two years...albeit the less fun Winter Games. Still, they've got figure skating. Remember we wanted to be figure skaters too? LOVE YOU