always sometimes never

holy cow it is sunday monday! which means i definitely started this post yesterday. and also means i'm finishing it today. total blogging slacking right here. which also means that tomorrow today is the beginning of the end of my summer.
could i be more excited about this? probably not.
am i excited about it even remotely? probably not.

now, i'm quite in love with this girl, and this lady as well, and seeing as they have made a little link-up, i couldn't resist joining in on the fun. better late then never, am i right?
harry potter
always get suckered in to watching harry potter marathons on abc family
i sometimes quote movie lines before they are said in the actual movie
i never thought neville longbottom would get this cute

i always drink one and a half cups of coffee every morning.
sometimes i drink two or three cups.
i never forgo a cup of coffee in the morning (unless of course i want to plague the world with the evil being that is the coffee-less me)
I <3 coffee in all ways

 me a la driving
i always listen to music when i drive in the car
i sometimes sing obnoxiously at the top of my lungs like i'm in concert
i never sing with the windows down (i learned this the hard way, looks like that stay with you)

wasn't that fun? i thought so too. now go and have yourself a fantastic monday! i know i will seeing as it will mainly consist of a whole lot of decorating, organizing, and reconstructing of my first grade classroom.

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  1. LOVE the coffee pictorial.

    AND I nominated you for a blog award! Check out my post today to see how to accept :)

    K @ http://nuggetonabudget.blogspot.com